About Me

Steven Bromley

Hello amazing people,

My name is Steven Bromley, your Men’s Relationship Coach. My life purpose is to help men like you to be the best version of yourself and achieve goals that you’ve never dreamt of achieving. 

When I was younger I struggled with confidence, struggled in relationships, and felt that I had a difficult time connecting with people. It was torturous, agonizing, painful, and it felt like I could never get out of the situation. Never did I dreamt to become a men’s  relationship coach and life coach like today, not until an alarming events that wreck havoc in my life at the end of 2016. 

I was living, what seems to be the pinnacle of my life. I have just finished the ironman, working as a pharmacist, and blessed with a beautiful wife and two amazing children. I was also very involved with my church and just finished my first medical mission trip. 

It may have seemed that I was living my best life, but on the inside, I felt turmoil.

Something always felt off in our family – I always felt something was off. I was living in a toxic relationship, feeling pressured and agonized everyday. I didn’t realized that our relationship was so toxic that I though that it was normal, I wanted to believe that it was normal and I didn’t want it to end.

However, on November 2016, my wife finally breaks silence and wanted a divorce. She told me that she wasn’t happy with the marriage and didn’t think it would work anymore. It crushed me.

I was devestated, the anxiety and stressed overwhelming, and I was losing myself. But then I was reminded by a quote:

“Your current situation does not determine your future. Your future is determined by your decision to succeed.”

That is when my journey to become a men’s relationship coach started. I knew at the time that I had two choices. I could either let this crisis define my future or I could decide to take control and write my own future. So, I start by changing my mindset and behaviors then and there.

I began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and human behavior because I want to really understand why people act the way they do. Then, without realizing it, this knowledge has become a gamechanger in my romantic and family relationships, as well as my life.

Now, I’m no longer controlled by fear and anxiety. I have confidence and direction for my life. I set healthy boundaries when needed. I realize what is and is not in my control. I have a crystal clear picture of my purpose and who I really am and I love it. Last but not least, as a I am a better father, I am in a healthy romantic relationship and I feel peace again. I am living my best life as a relationship / life coach.

And most importantly, I am here to help you find yours.

As my father always said, 

“When you’re going on a journey, always seek out individuals who already walked that path.” “By doing this, you can arrive at the destination faster and avoid making the same mistakes others have made.”

That’s why I’m here to accompany and guide you through all that hardship. You don’t have to fight them all on your own anymore. 

No more searching in the dark for answers or companionship. No more living a life that you hate, or a job that you dislike. And no more confussion upon finding your purpose in life, because I will be there to give you a walkthrough. 

Through our session together, you will feel as your life is full of value to be actualized and shared. And in the long-term, you will be able to walk alone without me because all the resources you need in life will already be equiped within you.

Book your session now and let's change your life today!