About Me

Steven Bromley

Hello amazing people,

My name is Steven Bromley. I am a Men’s Empowerment and Relationship Coach. I help men become a better version of themselves and achieve goals that they never dreamed of achieving. There are probable a few questions you may be asking yourself right now.

Who are you?.... and How can you help me?

The first part can be answered by my purpose or “my Why.” I heard a quote once,

“What seems like God’s rejection will lead you to your redirection.”

When I was younger I struggled with confidence, struggled in relationships, and felt that I had a difficult time connecting with people. The journey seemed a lifetime. The turning point happened only 5 years ago.

I was living, what I thought to be the pinnacle of my life. I just finished completing an ironman, I was working as an Emergency room pharmacist, and I was married and had two amazing children. I was also very involved with my church and just finished my first medical mission trip. It may have seemed that I was living my best life, but on the inside…. I felt turmoil.

At times, I felt like a hypocrite in my faith because my actions were not lining up with my values. I was not in a healthy relationship (which at the time I thought was normal). I constantly felt pressure to please others and I was too focused on caring about what other people thought of me.

Then the bombshell hit…….on November 2016 my wife expressed to me that she was not happy in the marriage and wanted a divorce, after thirteen years. I was absolutely devastated! I thought…. How will the kids handle this? What will I do now? What will be the financial implication with the lawyers? The terrifying thoughts went on and on……….and on. The anxiety and stress was OVERWHELMING. To add to all of this, I realized that…….. I did not know who I was. My identity revolved around my relationship. I felt stuck with no direction or identify.

That is when my journey started. I knew at the time that I had two choices. I could either let this crisis define my future or I could decide to take control and rewrite my future.

My father would always say to me, “Son when going on a journey, always seek out individuals who already walked that path.” “By doing this, you can arrive at the destination faster and avoid making the same mistakes others have made.” After rehearsing this in my head I decided to lean into my faith and next thing I knew I was surround by individuals that have walked a very similar path.

I learned that I had to change my mindset and behaviors if I wanted to have different outcomes. This is when my path of personal development started. I began studying NLP and hypnosis. I also studied heavily on human behavior and understanding why people act the way they do. I soon came to the realization that having this knowledge was a gamechanger in my romantic and family relationships, as well as my job.

Today I am extremely thankful to have a crystal-clear picture of “my why.” I know who I am. I have confidence and direction. I set healthy boundaries when needed. I realize what is and is not in my control. I respect and love myself and as a result I am a better father, I am in a healthy romantic relationship and I feel peace again. I am living a life congruent with my values!

The most surprising part is that I am now in a profession that I am extremely passionate about.

Your second Question…….. How can I help you?

I am the one who has already walked the path……that dad was always talking about! I will guide you down your path helping you find your answers and direction that you are looking for. These answers have always been with you, you just need guidance on your path.

At the end of every session, I have two goals for my clients:

I want you to leave the session feeling as though value has been added and….. long term, I want my clients to feel as though they no longer need my guidance because they have the resources they need to walk on their own.