Ten Steps to Save a Failing Relationship: Tips for Men

We all know that the butterflies in the stomach don’t last forever. After the initial stage of excitement and infatuation, the explosion of neurochemicals that create feelings of happiness subsides, and love takes over from lovesickness. And this is entirely normal.

However, you may sense that your partner’s romantic feelings are fading or that they are no longer invested in the relationship as they once were. It is natural to feel worried and sad when this happens.

There are many reasons why relationships fail, such as different goals and expectations, lack of honesty and trust, infidelity, intimacy issues, or unhealthy attachment.

However, if you want to make it work, here are ten steps you could take to save your relationship.

  1. Take the Risk of Being Vulnerable

Many men feel uncomfortable about their vulnerability, believing that exposing themselves thoroughly can result in the loss of love and respect.

You learn to build walls, bottle up your feelings, and man up as you grow. Consequently, you may see vulnerability as a sign of weakness, fearing that exposing your core to your partner could deeply hurt you. So, you reach for emotional suppression and withdrawal instead.

However, to maintain a healthy relationship, you must be willing to open up and be vulnerable with your partner. Vulnerability does not mean that you are weak but allows you to talk about your emotions, needs, and concerns more openly and honestly.

Vulnerability in a relationship enables you to be yourself and accept each other as you are.

  1. Accept the Differences

As a couple, you get to see more of each other’s flaws than anyone else. However, don’t let your imperfections and differences become the relationship’s stumbling blocks.

Recognize that no one is perfect, as this will help you turn the differences into opportunities for learning and growth. Accepting people without judgment allows us to open up and form stronger bonds.

  1. Accept Responsibility

Accepting responsibility for your words, feelings, and actions goes a long way toward making things right.

For example, if you had an affair, you must be sincere in your apology and regret. Also, accept that your partner may no longer trust or love you as much as they did before. Give your partner time to heal and show them how much you love them to win their trust back.

  1. Don’t Avoid Conflicts

Conflicts in relationships are normal and healthy. They allow you to discuss your views, get to know each other better, and grow as a couple.

So, instead of avoiding conflicts, learn how to communicate and solve problems in a healthy way with each other.

Readiness to step outside of your own position and see things from your partner’s perspective can help you deeply understand each other and keep your relationship strong and healthy.

  1. Forget about Blame and Games

We often play blame games to reclaim or maintain power in our relationships. Playing games, whether by purposely ignoring your partner, initiating fights, or acting distant and cold, may attract their attention in the short term. However, such dynamics can have a negative long-term impact on your relationship.

  1. Learn to Communicate

Poor communication is one of the main reasons relationships fail. Instead of bombarding your partners with blame, questions, and concerns, try asking questions and inquiring about their feelings and needs.

Don’t try to fix your partner. Instead, try actively listening to what they have to say and then sharing your perspective.

By learning to listen actively, you will send the message that all feelings are acceptable and that your partner is free to express them without being judged. Of course, this is not to say that you should not make any suggestions at all. But first, try to calm down, just listen and let your partner express themselves.

Also, learn to compromise, as every relationship requires a give and take. Knowing how to be accommodating to your partner without giving up your own needs can make you both feel happier and significantly improve your relationship.

  1. Respect Your Partner’s Feelings and Wishes

If your partner tells you they need some time alone, try not to make a big deal out of it. Instead, allow them to be and respect their decision.

Don’t call or text them all the time, show up in front of their office after hours, or be pushy in any other way. Respecting their needs and feelings will let your partner know that you care.

  1. Go Easy on Your Partner

Most of us (women particularly) have days when we feel down for no particular reason. So don’t ask too many questions, try to reason, argue, or withdraw on those days. When we go through hard times, we need to feel cared for, accepted, and safe.

When feeling blue, your spouse may simply need you to text them from work to say how much you love them. Or to hold them in your arms and assure them that everything will be fine. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Do Things Separately

One of the pillars of a healthy, strong romantic relationship is shared quality time. However, separate interests, activities, and hobbies are healthy and necessary. So, don’t let your life revolve entirely around your partner. The quality time you spend apart from each other can be extremely helpful to your relationship as it allows you to maintain independence, follow your interests, and be your own person.

  1. Seek Couples Therapy

If there is a significant breach of trust or your relationship problems seem overwhelming, consider working together with a couples therapist. A qualified therapist who specializes in relationships can help you reconnect and heal in a safe way.


There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and requires lots of hard work and commitment. If you sense that your partner has changed, don’t try to change them, but focus on changing things in your relationship instead.

Hopefully, these ten steps can guide how to save a failing relationship and show your partner that you really care.

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To learn the three secrets your woman craves in her relationship click here: https://bit.ly/3DUm0pU 


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