5 stars

Before meeting with Steve I had very little motivation within my business and life in general. I knew something wasn’t right but this mental fog and lack of clarity made it hard to even know where to start. My wife found Steve on Thumbtack and scheduled my first consult. After one session I knew he was the guy that would help me get over this hurdle. Over the last 4 -5 sessions we worked through why I wasn’t motivated and how to get out of the fog and get focused. We built a solid business plan and wrote out action items to complete during the week to keep the ball rolling between sessions. He isn’t just a regular cookie cutter type coach. He listened to my needs and made a custom plan of attack. I’m super grateful we made this connection and we’re making plans now to continue my coaching sessions for the next 6 months.

Joe F.

5 stars

Dr. Bromley really helped me in many areas! I had a very nasty divorce that was expensive and difficult on so many levels. I didn't want to admit the lingering bitterness, but it runs deep. The continued emotional baggage from this sometimes interferes with my day to day life or goal achievement.

Dr. Bromley helped me stay focused on my goal(s) and challenged me, at times. However, I always knew it came from a sincere desire to help me....which he did!

I quickly realized that I can just be myself with Dr. Bromley. He's been there too. He not only understands, but has lived much of what I experienced. I developed an immediate rapport and went "all in" by trusting him. My trust was well placed and the right decision.

Based on my experience working with Dr. Bromley for the past 3+ months, I would highly recommend him to ANY man looking for some help working through some of life's challenges.

I've become a better man because of this coaching experience and working with Dr. Bromley is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Blake T.

Blake T

5 stars

I cannot thank Steve enough for the incredible work we were able to do together. Steve introduced our sessions by explaining that everything I needed to become what I wanted to become was already inside of me. It was our job to do the work to remove any mental or emotional 'blocks' that were preventing me from accessing the internal resources I needed to access to be successful. Thanks Steve for the help in putting me on a path to a more authentic and peaceful personal and professional existence!

Luther B.

5 stars

I was in a rut, stuck in a little ditch. He helped me pull myself out and helped me get right back on track better than ever before! Really great, very open and open minded, best therapy I have ever received.

Joseph T.

5 stars

I work with Steven for the past few months. In the time that we worked together he has helped me achieve many things. I have graduated from school. Started my own business. And made significant health gains. He has helped me clarify many goals and assisted me in achieving those goals. Steven is a great coach. I highly recommend him.

Kyle B.

Kyle B

5 stars

Steve was a phenomenal coach!!! I came into being coached with skepticism, but Steve made me a true believer!! I really did not think the issue I was struggling with could be fixed, but Steve was able to guide guide me through some strategies that actually worked and have continued to help me daily!! He was very genuine in his concern for my struggle and helped me to really see I had more choices than I thought and to use these insights. I have since used what he taught me to work on other issues and feel empowered daily!! Thank you Steve for all of your help!!

Susan L.

5 stars

I have known Steve for two years now. He has been a great coach, mentor and counselor to me over the past 2 years.

He was a lighthouse to me during a very dark and challenging time in my life.

I would not have made it through this storm without his support and guidance.

He is a very knowledgeable, empathetic, kind, caring and compassionate individual.

I would strongly recommend Steven Bromley as a counselor to anyone who is in need of a coach and coaching.

Renato T.

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