Divorce Coaching

Divorce coach services in Fort Myers, FL

As a divorce coach, I will guide you through the fog of divorce and the hurdles that may arise from co-parenting with your ex. 

If you have children, I will help you to recognize the challenges that may arise in your new normal as a single father. A common hurdle that may occur as a single dad is the lack of communication with your kids. It may seem as though they don’t want to spend any time with you. I know how heart-breaking this can be. I will assist you in discovering hidden obstacles which can improve your relationship with your kids.

I specialize in helping men navigate through the  recovery process after being involved in a toxic relationship.

I will guide you through the fog of divorce and the state of misery to a state of clarity and inner peace. I can do this because I have walked this storm myself and am now living the life I desired. There is hope. My vision is to bring clarity and confidence back in your life.

If you would like a guide on how to move forward from your divorce, download my free PDF  here: www.7stepspdf.com

These are the exact steps I took on my path towards healing and resilience.